LED Panels

Our Light Guide Panels are made out of 5mm acrylic. Our special laser technique allows the light to be perfectly homogenous. For every panel the lasered patterns are done invididually, to reach a perfect solution for every size.


On the top we use a 2mm milky diffusion panel to make the light even more homogenous.


On the bottom side we use a reflective foil to have the light shining only in the one direction, we want it to shine. Alternatively we of course also can use a second diffusion panel, to use the LED panel double-sided.


The edges are lit by LED profiles. Regarding the LED itself we can provide a large variety of possibilities up to the customers requirements.


Our standard dimensions are up to 2000*600mm, but even bigger sizes are possible up on request. Even special shapes such as circles, starts, and other are no problem for us to realize.


In our facilities in Witten we can react on even very special requirements very soon. Just get in contact with us to learn more!